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Hiphop, Rock/Metal, R&B, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Ballad, Jazz, Latin, Classical/New Age, Soul/Funk/Groove

Favorite artists

Phear Phace (A.K.A. Phear), Kubix, Pretty Lights, As Blood Runs Black, Mantis, Sorrow, Pendulum, Flux Pavilion, Doctor P., Dragonforce, Flying Lotus, Trivium, As I Lay Dying, Ficci, Threat Signal, Deadmau5, Kaelovibe, and everyone on MS

About me


1)Ford the Phoenix
2)Same-Old New Start
3)And life flows on...

It's Time --by: jayden205

Mercy --by: Darkthorne66
(discovered 4 years ago, still my most favorite song on this website. It has a way of relation that I can't even explain. More than a song, it's a story, so please take time to listen if you can.)

I'm 18 years old, 4 years old on MusicShake, and I absolutely love music. Besides that, I really don't know what else to say =P. I'll be adding on to my profile bit by bit for a while because I just deleted it again... *sigh* So yeah until then enjoy my songs =D! Don't forget to check out my friend shadowknight!!! He specializes in Hip Hop/RnB, and has really chill beats! Also, a shout-out to iMetalNeko and jayden205, two shakers that I think have been growing in talent for a while now!!


I joined MS about 3 years ago, but it wasn't because I "just happened to stumble onto it" or any story like that. One day I was sitting in class next to my friend Roy (shadowknight) when he turned over and showed me one of the songs on his iPod. Afterwards, we really started to talk about music (mainly rapping at the time) and what we could do to try and experiment with it. Roy and I showed up the day after with some ideas for lyrics, and then we decided that we needed something to fill in that instrumental gap in our ideas. We both went home after school ended (although I had Track/Field practice T^T) and tried to find programs that would let us create and record music that we made. I couldn't find anything, and was swamped with homework that night, so I came to school the next day hoping that Roy found something. As I walked into class Roy got up and told me about this online site that would let us do and record what we wanted, and said he would send the link to me. After that, I didn't think that the day could have gone on any slower, so I was impatient the whole day until I got home. When I got to this site and downloaded the program, I thought it was exactly what I wanted to complete our goals, and Roy and I immediately started to experiment until we thought we were good enough to make a nice soundtrack. My first fan was Roy (obviously) and my first song was xperiment (appropriately), and my first fan in the top 10 slots for most song plays and most fans/my inspiration was actually The Phoenix King himself. If you don't know who that is, let me tell you before pointing you directly to his page, his username is 89Ford and he has the titles of "The Phoenix King", "King of Electronica", and "King of Musicshake". Yeah, it was a big surprise, and I believe that the first song of mine he fav'ed was Hurricane C.1 (That was off the top of my head, no checking, I've got a sporadically awesome memory =D). The song that was the 'gateway' between my increase of skill using this site was "underwater", which was also in the 3-song album that Hurricane C.1 was in. After that, I've been meeting and getting to know tons of awesome people and have been able to share our feelings through our music, and I am incredibly grateful for that. As for hobbies and personal stuff, I'm REALLY tall (6ft. 3in. in case you were wondering), I like to waveboard, surf, skateboard, snowboard, ski, draw/sketch, play my guitar, Muay Thai, paint ball, play video games on my computer (Minecraft, Terraria, Dead Space, Saints Row the Third, Diablo III, etc.), basketball, soccer (sometimes), Track/Field, hanging out with friends, and above ALL else... Listening to and creating music. I would've put football in there, but it's something I don't currently do since I decided to move into Track/Field. Nicknames: pretty much anything you can make out of "Kirby" /=P, I used to be called "Ghost Runner" in football because when I played defense I was quick enough to turn and slip through the other linemen and get to the QB before they noticed... Thank god I was skinny enough XD ! Habits: staring off into space for long periods of time (ADD, I can't help it that I can't focus well =P), not being able to stop talking once I start, occasional ranting, unfixed run-on sentences (oh, the irony =D), throwing stuff 'cause I wanna, kicking too hard, forgetting almost EVERYTHING I get asked to do, curling my hair with my finger when I'm thinking incredibly hard, constantly postponing haircuts, etc. So..? I guess the message here is that I'm probably like you are: only human. That and the fact that it doesn't take a genius to make a good song, it just has to have your heart and soul welded into it. Anybody can easily make the best song in the world, but I think the only reason why a lot of people don't is because we don't know how to translate our thoughts into reality through the programs we use. Some are just too complicated for us to properly have our hearts "speak" out, which is why I love this site so much =).

Facebook= Kirby Maylish

Okay so... If you don't know already, I tend to pop on and off of Musicshake sporadically and not be able to get to many song requests. What can I say, it's High School /=D... So if you've left a request or a reply when I've become inactive (or currently making songs that are REEEAAALLY LONG like Cascade that broke the 20 minute mark), then just remind me or post it again once you've seen any recent activity from me, and I promise I'll get to you =). If you're one of the people who always posts on my wall without getting a response from me, please know that I'm not ignoring you, I'm just currently being occupied with homework and projects, sorry!


(songs from here down are better than top)


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