About me

This is just great. I went on multiple breaks from this website because there wasn't anything for it to offer to me anymore. I got on from time to time to see if anything had happened, but it was always for nothing. I wait for years and years (literally four years) for them to change something on this website, and at long last they have. Perfect. Now I know I'm never coming back again, and just to hit the point home, I'll leave everything I have as well as this message as a reminder that the site managers ****ed up and lost many valued and dedicated members of this community. Actually, they didn't exactly screw anything up, they just didn't do anything in general. Congratulations for procrastinating, I think I'll study for my college courses now.

I will make one last song before I leave. If you see this, please keep your eyes out or spread the message to the remaining shakers as I am currently overworked. Thank you for all your support =)

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