Favorite genre

Hiphop, Rock/Metal, R&B, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Ballad, Jazz, Latin, Classical/New Age, Soul/Funk/Groove

Favorite artists

ALOT!! I like SOAD, Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Mushroomhead, Gorillaz,Nicki Minaj, Beastie Boys, Marky Mark, Das EFX and more From this site stEAmpowered, 89ford, CreoleGold, Chronos, Syntonia, Wayv, DancingBear, TheJoeyDeli, Nevactus and more~

About me

Hello, Fellow people of MusicShake
Im Sautiaaanoalii Enelope Savini(Long name!). Im 12 yrs of age (hey,I did not see no age limit). I am Samoan, German, Irish, Cherokee Indian, and a hint of African American (and no I do not speak the languages) I play the guitar, ukulele, drums, baritone, and a little bit of bass. I am a very multi-talented person, I sing, I dance, I draw, I do alot of things. But what I really love doing is making music I wanna show the world the way I feel when I play music and do it by describing with the music. I have no favorite Genre as you can see I clicked on all of them because I like all of them because music is music.
Well, Hope you guys like the music!

UPDATE!!!! Nov.09.11
So anyways I am finally 13!!!! I can DRINK!!!!....COFFEE!!!!!...LOL!
I have an Album out "Earphone Candy". YEAAA-YUHHHH!!!
I am not much of a FAV. person mostly cause I love everyones song...but when I do It is an AWESOME I repeat AWESOME SONG!!!
Please update me on new songs because I will gladly listen to any ones taste of music...Anyways im not into battling but if you want to Ill do so..if you think im worthy...MUHAHAHAHA!!!...Im slowly working my ay into making AWESOME SONGZ!!! SO bear with me...Please RATE/FAV/FAN
In your eyes forsaken me - System of a Down(AWESOME BAND)
Hey!You! What do you see! Something Beautiful, Something
free! - Marilyn Manson
I am:
did i say awesome?
more awesome
nah im kiddng
im whatever you want me to be
But anyways be sure to check anyones songs on my page there good and those out ther who fanned me thanks I appriciate it...iAwesome DEUCES
Still AWESOME!!!
Oh and I joined Oct.19.11
Early update, I know...So people who like my music please try get the word out there I would like lots of fans. I would really appreciate it, sorry for the frequent use of AWESOME! Its just my thing...Im starting this whole new project where I tell the story in the description while the song plays so it might take a while...For those of you people who think my music is different thats the whole point I dont want to be the same I wanna be different I wanna do something that no one has ever done I wanna be me...I also wanna thank all of those who have become my fan and faved my stuff...Again hit me up if you want me to hear a song I would gladly do so im here to interact with other music plus maybe you could inspire me into making a new song...I will dedicate you to it...and YES! If you look at my picture I am a NERD!!! Im actually pretty proud of it...Plus Im tired of people hiding there face with graphic pics(like me...hypocrit) So im showing my face...Also ive delayed my new album since My internet is slow and accidently deleted my whole soundtrack...Im downloading my songs 1 by 1 so you can come back for more also cause my internet is hella slow...well thats what you get for living on an island...Nov.17.11 I am leaving for Vacation so feel free to come to my page and rate+fav I will come back Nov.28.11...So till then DEUCES!!!...iAwesome


Im BACK!!!! Now Im gonna hit you guys with the most powerful music in the WORLD!!!!

Facebook : Sautia Savini Jr.

Youtube : iAmBoredSoshow

I am trying to become one of the top!!! Just trying to get there in life you know...I dont like going to everyones page and saying HEY CHECK MY SONG OUT!!!! I usually only give it to people who I think for one should listen to it. I dont have much to say but A WELCOME BACK!!! Will suffice!

Im Back....


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