Favorite genre

Hiphop, Rock/Metal, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Jazz, Classical/New Age

Favorite artists

Too lazy to write them down. Can you relate? xD

About me

==============PLEASE READ==============
By the time you read this is my own computer sold and my parents' pc is a little crappy, it can't even hold the "Make Music" option on musicshake. So I will be online but only to listen to songs and comment on stuff :P
But okay, it won't take long to get a new pc beacause I already have enough for a new one.

Thanks for the support and I'll start making music again when I can. (^.^ )

About me:

Oh, hi there. I'm Roboboy (call me Robo for short)
I'm just somebody hanging out on a website where I can make some songs.. y'know, nothing special.

I'm 14 btw and I live in Holland.
I'm not a professional, so don't expect to much of me

Questions are always welcome, social interaction can't kill you, right?

My highest chart listing was #48 with DarkLight.

See ya,

P.S. If you want to advertise on my profile, feel free to do so. But there's not a 100% that I will listen to it. I don't even know why myself! ;P

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