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Hiphop, Rock/Metal, R&B, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Ballad, Jazz, Latin, Classical/New Age, Soul/Funk/Groove

Favorite artists

Too many to list

About me

I am the quintessential Renaissance Man, finding my skill and pleasure in a host of artistic and creative venues. I have been creating music as long as I can remember, and I can play several instruments very well. I also enjoy creating wonderful pieces, using computer-generated music. I also enjoy various other expressions of art, such as: pen & ink drawing, pencil drawing, mixed media painting, pastel painting, portrait painting, wood and clay sculpting, whittling, wood carving, pyrography, photography, creative writing, poetry, sci-fiction writing, origami, singing, etc. I was born in New York State, but have lived in many other states in the USA, as well as three continents. I am very thankful for the adventures I have experienced, and I look forward to the next ones. I now reside in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria.

I enjoy creating music that is peaceful, calm, and is very healing vibration for the spirit, mind and body. I hope that as you listen to my songs, you will experience the wonderful healing and soothing vibrations that I hope to have created in my compositions. Through my music I send you, Love, Peace, Healing, Faith, and more. Enjoy!

Below are some music videos that I have created, using some of my songs composed here in MusicShake.

Check out all of my You-Tube Videos while you are there. - Balloon Ride - Misty Rose - Sunrise - Sailing - Promise - Dodging Raindrops - I Won't Run in the Moonlight - Autumn Breezes - Love This Other World - Star Dancing - Candlelight Dances - The Beauty of Austria - Smoking Guitar - Surrender - Down at the Swimming Hole - Nadia's Allure - Path to Paradise - Beauty - Into The Light - A Kiss in The Dark - Paris Dreams (Anxious) - October Skies - Meet Me in My Dreams - Amazing Grace - If Dreams Became Reality - Weightless - Cathedral Within - Für Nazanin - Ode to Nazanin - Broken Hearted - Astral Travel - Earth's Cry - Don't Give Up - You are Special - You Can! - Paths to Happiness - Affirmations for Sadness - Twenty Four Things to Remember - Loving Yourself - Positive Affirmations - You Will Be Loved - A Romantic Poem - Richards Woodcarvings Samples - Certainty - A Romantic Poem - Satisfaction Pending - A Romantic Poem - Moonlight Reflections - A Romantic Poem - Affirmations For Love Morning Meditation - Affirmations for Better Relationships
Autumn Leaves

My Websites: - My music videos - Visual art (paintings, drawings, portraits, photography, etc.)

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