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Hiphop, Rock/Metal, R&B, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Ballad, Jazz, Latin, Classical/New Age, Soul/Funk/Groove

About me

I love music and making music. I like any kind of music as long as it sounds good i never hate on a specific type of music but i do have favorite types. all i want from people is listen to my music and enjoy it thats my main reason for liking music so please enjoy my music right down what you think of it and rate it. always rate the song because just because you rate something dosent mean you like it it just means you have an opion. favorite it if its good to you i want you to enjoy my music so please favorite it cause when you know someone really is trying to impress you then you cant just knock them down. And spread the word of my music ive been in this music shake site for atleast 3 years now and i just now have a big hit that people are looking at and its not even that big. Ive made so many great songs that haven been heard by many people all beacause know one knew about it or looked at it so all im asking is for people to LISTEN TO MY MUSIC and then thell see that some of my songs t=deserve to be big just like other songs. And pleaze comment and ask me to listen to your music cause I will try to listen to it, and give me feed back on my songs o I can make my next song really good.

Also something I want you guys to know is that I don't really keep the same pictures for songs because each picture is unique for the song only on albums like beat respect I will have the same picture so yah enjoy my music and know I do try to make you guys happy :)

Here are some songs I think you should listen to. Its not only my music.

its music that I think you might like:

The Uprising (6:07)
Amazing You (5:20)
號戀舞 (5:07)
Great Sun in the Sky (4:37)
Amazing spirit (4:38)
Scheme (16:00)
Quick beat mix part1 (1:25)
I want a P**** (3:59)
The Flames Of Disaster (2:08)
No Hard Feelings (3:12)
Symphony Extended (8:53)
World: Beyond the Gates (11:23)
Canon in D Rock Symphony (3:33)
Canon Techno Remix (3:55)
A Rush of Cold ; Winwintar (2:35)
Beyond Imagination (3:33)
Heart Beat (5:06)
You (2:03)
Life of a Musicshake Legend (9:36)
symphony (3:33)
The Guitars of Rock (4:23)
This is how i ride (2:34)
Daft psychose (2:29)
The Holy Strings (2:08)
Canon in D RE:MIX (2:14)
Amazing Power of Heart (3:42)
Combat and Destroy (1:33)
Nexon Combat Arms REMIX (2:08)
Best latin song (edit) (1:53)
Combat Arms RE:MIX (1:32)
Why I'm a Beast (Rap) (3:39)
Best Latin Song (1:53)
Sorena thee Gallant one (4:21)
space galixy adventure (2:09)
be my love (2:08)
tonight (2:08)


Thanks For the dedications!
Here's my dedications:

Poot2 http://eng.musicshake.com/user/brandonj1914#!/song?sn=135230 by brandon1914

Phoenix king http://eng.musicshake.com/song?sn=131077#!/song?sn=131128 by 89Ford

so please:
And Especially enjoy my music and all music

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