Favorite genre

Hiphop, Rock/Metal, R&B

Favorite artists

Tupac and Notorious BIG (R.I.P) Yelawolf,MGK,Gucci Mane,Dr dre,50 cent,P diddy,Lil Wayne,Drake,Tech N9ne,Swollen Members,Nicki Minaj,Usher,Eminem,Chris Brown,Far East Movement,Snoop Dogg,DMX,Wu Tang Clan,Glasses Malone,Linkin Park,Limp Bizkit,Ice Cube.

About me

Im a 13 yr old boy in london, who loves heavy/hardcore rap, i only care for the beats and structure. i dont mind the language whether it's international or bad language (LOL). i make some sick rap beats, check it out. Safe you lots who fan me. If you don't like my music say nothin' bruv. i only wanna hear supporters and recommendations for other mus

i wanna say something, how many people out there love real f**king hip hop?!?! or just stick to mere lil Wayne sh*t.

btw i hate anime so don't ask if i like naruto plz...... Current Albums/Playlists: -My Laws -City Life -Words Mean Everything (Currently Working) My view about Music, personally i love hip hop as i grew up under the influences of many artists. i don't live hip hop no cuz it sounds cool, well maybe but i like it cuz you get to express your life struggles,problems and the politics of todays leaders. Sometimes i rap whatever i see in front of me like " Sometimes i think of the friends that i never see/ Sometimes i think of the memories/ So everyone shut up, it's my day now/ locked up in prison with no way out/ you know that rapper they never heard of him/ no record deals,no labels you certain/ so embarrising pull up the curtains/ All the hate messages gunna be hurting/ hope my mothers home/ Can't really do things on my own/ I have a one talent,They never know/ imma show you something,pass the microphone. Ye something like that. Since i live in london sometimes i rap about the politics,the streets and my mates. i hate corrupt parlament for they're just normal people just trying to change our very way of life. im not trying to advertise this this is my *OPINION* im not saying you should stop liking parlament. I lreally love old school rap like tupac, big, wu tang clan etc. which was about the life struggles of growing up. and i really love modern hip hop which is about clubs,money,bling and girls and i don't mind hearing both. Top 5 songs on my page 1. A rap from heaven 2. You With Me? 3. Live it how we live it. 4. Unloaded 5. Ammunition

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