Favorite genre

Hiphop, Rock/Metal, R&B, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Ballad, Jazz, Latin, Classical/New Age, Soul/Funk/Groove

Favorite artists

Classical Composers: Ludwig V. Beethoven, Gustav Holst, and Franz Liszt Favorite Music Artists: The Fray, Michael Jackson, Coldplay and many more! Many many of the Final Fantasy X Soundtracks and many many Touhou soundtracks!

About me


♥ "The Princess of MusicShake" ♥ from IDragon76 and other people!

Joined MusicShake at: Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Everyone calls me LadyM on MusicShake!
Ethnicity: Asian (Vietnamese)
Current Location: Ontario, Canada
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam

Hi Hi Hi MusicShakers! I am a university student and a musician studying the Arts of Music. I've started playing music when I was in grade 6 learning my first instrument: The Flute. At grade 8 , I took some lessons to play the piano because the piano is one of my favourite instruments! In University now, I'm taking composition classes of hoping to become a composer in the future. For now, I haven't done much, but with a little time and practice I can create some decent music and show them to anyone. That's where I stumbled upon MusicShake. So here I am! I hope you enjoy everything song I've made here! :D

I like to listen to everyone's' songs on MusicShake. I plus give you an honest feedback on how I think your song was. If there was something I find strange, I give you with the up most positive constructive criticism. That's how I am! It's better to hear honesty than a simple "I like it!"

The Daily Update Board!

Featured Song:
0.1 - Scarlet's Dream - Red World
Planned Album:
0.1 - Rain's Dream
Planned Songs:
0.1 - Phantom's Past (Orange World)
0.2 - Bubble's Journey (Yellow World)
0.3 - The World Within... (Green World)
0.4 - Arctic Echo (Blue World)
0.5 - Storm's Calm (Indigo World)
0.6 - Violetta's Time (Violet World)

Current Albums I've done!
0.1 - The 4 Seasons
0.2 - The 12 Months

Dedication Songs from you guys! ^_~
1. Nascent Techno By Brandonj1914
2. Lady Spring By DancingBear
3. LadyMinerva's Flower Garden By ClayZsorrre
4. Minerva Garden By Randomosity01
5. Something New By Brandonj1914
6. Lady M By Bantha
7. LadyM!!! By ShadowxNaruJ
8. Gratitude By Luana01
9. How I Describe LadyM - A New Journey Begins By ShadowxNaruJ
10. Follow Your Dreams By TheKoolgirl
11. The Angel from Heaven by IDragon76
12. Nirvana** by ShadowKnight
13. Minerva's Etude By SourHead101
14. I Like you, I Love you By DarkStar1O9
15. thời thơ ấu (Childhood) By IDragon76
16. Minerva's Gift by KentaKusanagi
17. Vacation in Cuba by TheKoolgirl
18. Rain's Bow (Radio Edit) by TheKoolgirl

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