Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, Classical/New Age

Favorite artists

Top Favorite: Hardline Close Second: Harem Scarem Others: Pink Cream 69. Steelheart, Whitesnake,

About me

I'm just a teen who loves the sound of rock music. It's very rare to find me listening to hip-hop, dance, techno or anything like that. Though, I do like Latin music. :P
(Quick FYI: When I mention Hardline I don't mean HARDLINEofNorway. >:)

I play, compose & write music everyday of my life already. I just like to visit sites like this to make something a little different. I'm a rocker at heart & I have a huge passion for music. I respect the rock genre because, unlike pop, real instruments are played. & even if rock is played with a guitar, it still has a more diverse variety of sounds & subgenres than your average pop station. Any genre that uses real instruments has my respect. Don't get me wrong though, there are some acceptable techno or alternative songs I like. There's just not many.

I hope you enjoy the music I've made on musicshake. I make music by albums so more than one song is gonna have the same cover. Though I basically quit, every song sounds too close to each other & I'm getting bored of everyone on the site having the same sound. So, farewell. :)

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