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Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Light/Bright Theme: Animation
[Arpeggiator] Strange Filtered Synth
[Melody] Exiting Low Synth
[Melody] Juicy Delayed Pad Synth
[Moving] Mystic ResoPad Synth
[Moving] Profound Synth
[Moving] Mystic Water Pad Synth
[Moving] Mystic LowBell Synth
[Moving] Mystic Bell Synth
[Effect] Electricity Failure
[Effect] Nightmare
[Effect] Open Fire
[Effect] Space War
[Effect] Space
[Effect] Sky
[Rhythm] Sticky Synth
[Rhythm Arpeggiator] Sly Panning Pulse Synth
[Moving] Primordial Synth Vox
[Rhythm] Dynamic Pizziccato Cello
[Rhythm] Dynamic Pizziccato String
[Harmony Counter Melody] Tense Spiccato String
[Rhythm] Tragic Spiccato String 2
[Effect] R U Ready?
[Simple Long Tone] Moog Bass 3
[Rhythm Theme] Relaxing Dark Synth

This is a fire colab between noctiscaelum and myself. A unique blend of sounds unlike anything you have heard. Listen and enjoy. Show support by rating and adding it as a favorite.

Genre: Ballad Mood: Etc Theme: Other
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