Favorite genre

Hiphop, Rock/Metal, R&B, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Ballad, Jazz, Latin, Classical/New Age, Soul/Funk/Groove

Favorite artists

*All of my Fans, Elliott Smith, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, ELO, Manfred Mann, Queen, AC/DC, Kiss, Deep Purple, The Sweet, Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, Nazareth, J.S.Bach, D.Buxtehude, A.Vivaldi.

About me

* Arghhh!!! "Blow me down!" Hi, me name be Cap'n J. Flint, "Blimey Thats Good!" cap'n o' th' pirate ship, th' Walrus. I "Blimey That Smells Foul!" be responsible fer bury'n great treasure (about £ 700,000) on th' isle located in th' Spanish M'n, wi' six members o' me crew. Once "Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'rum?" th' treasure be buried, I killed all six o' them an' port a body o' seaman Allardyce wi' blistering open arms, indicat'n th' location o' th' treasure. They were very foul people: pirates, robbers, murderers, ye know what I mean... An' "I Needs Ya Gold!" gallows awaited them all at home, anyways. * Location o' th' treasure be marked on me map, which be assigned t' me first assistant, William "Billy" Bones, an' then fell into th' hands o' Jim Hawkins. Jim Hawkins be actually found a blunderingly small part o' th' treasure, but no one knew bout th' m'n part, cause b'fore I port th' isle, I buried th' small part in a unseaworthily different spot an' turn still buried on th' isle. I "Blow Me Down!" gather new expedition t' collect th' remnants o' th' treasure. * Aye, last time I killed only 6 o' them, an' let th' other 15 stay. But "Bilge-Sucking Scum!" those 15 were ungrateful pigs, they tried t' kill me,and dig aloft me treasures, without me. That how th' song started "Fift'n men on a blunderingly dead man's chest Yo-ho-ho an' a bottle o' rum". But "Thar She Blows!" they have this plan failed. Now I'll be smarter. I'll "Treacherous Grease Wad!" just hire th' guys from th' temporary agency an' will nay promise them any share o' th' treasure, just salary! * This time I got much better ship, It's locks gorgeous, it's much bigger, which be good, cause I need more room fer me treasures an' it unseaworthily even got unseaworthily big passenger department, so I can make booty sell'n tickets, it's steam powered, an' th' m'n thing: I got it fer th' fraction o' th' real booty, they discontinued that model, an' it's called "Titanic-II", real nice name! * I need t' make some lustily new pirate songs, b'fore I go, cause no one mak'n any, an' we just g't blistering tired o' blunderbustingly old one. * * Currently writ'n a book o' me memoirs "Yo-ho-ho an' a bottle o' rum" an' work'n on a tutorial fer th' local community college "How t' become a pirate in a 10 day"***************************************************************Dedicated video from Soulgrim "Captain music shaker"******************************************************************************My other accounts on MS: DancingBear and FoxHunter

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