Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, Electronic/Techno, Ballad, Classical/New Age

Favorite artists

Depeche Mode,Lazerhawk,Cafe Del Mar,Buddha Bar,Phaeleh,Above and Beyond,Fever Ray,Infected Mushroom,Abakus,Royksopp,Deep Dish,Bjork,Groove Armada,Thievery Corporation,The Knife and everything that is connected to a darkwave,electro,ambiental and IDM.

About me

Girl whose life is music.....☼
These are MY FAVORITES and certainly an evidence of my progress during the time on MS *(since January 12, 2012.) I am very happy in discovering something like MS and my abilities. Of course, it is not possible to listen to all your songs, but I promise, I will do my best. Most of all, I really enjoy listening what kind of music you create, and I will always give you an opinion if you ask me.
Unfortunately, we all have some kind of obligations, and I have my studies also, so I come back here from time to time. When I listen something what is worth listening, I will leave my comment, don't worry :-) Peace!


The list of my songs, that are my favorites, and were evaluated as my best songs by Musicshakers
1. About Love - ranking list 13th ~ (11th of August,2014)
3. ------ Android Dream
4. Escape
5. Heart of glass
6. Existence(chillin')
7. -------The Conspiracy

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