Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Classical/New Age

Favorite artists

Röyksopp,Phaeleh,Infected Mushroom,Abakus,Fever Ray,Depeche Mode,Deep Dish,Bjork,Groove Armada,Thievery Corporation,The Knife,The Cure,Crystal Castles,College,Yeah Yeah Yeahs,Ladytron.

About me

"Those with narcissistic personality disorder exaggerate their own importance, aided by success fantasies". David G. Myers
(I really hope such people on MS will recognize themselves in above sentence) - there are 5 of them and there is no cure, I suppose XD

The list of my songs, that are my favorites and were evaluated as my best songs by Musicshakers:

1.> Halloween Theme 2014-ranking list ~7~ (October,2014)
2.> About Love - ranking list 13th ~ (August,2014)
3.> Insanity
4. ----> Android Dream
5.> Escape
6.> Heart of glass
7.> Existence(chill)
8. ----> The Conspiracy

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