Favorite genre

Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno

Favorite artists

Hahaaa... I've learned in High School to not hold onto favorite artists, but to hold onto great songs. Electronic and Dance tend to be where most of my favorites lie. But if you have a good message in vocal country I'll listen...

About me

Hello there!

Sooo...I'm here to make some pretty music that I'll like.

Someday, I will learn music theory - informally (because formal school has gotten enough of my money).

I know, you're about to say - "this isn't the site for that"...

I will fulfill goal #1 here...and prepare for goal #2 while fulfilling #1.

What do I do in my spare time? :

1) Writing in my blog about Number and Color Theory and how they relate to Biblcal stuff - using Hebrew [link will be inserted here soon]. One of the reasons I got this account is to get a feel for music. I want to learn music is made "listenable" and turn that into a theory. "What's the theory?" The Milkshake team seems to have gotten it.

2) Waiting for the semesters to pass like seasons and doing what I have do to stay enrolled in school...

3) Playing some of your guys' music on repeat.

Music is a language i want to be fluent in...or at least understand.


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