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Haven't been back in a while, and I'm currently busy so I'm not going to be anytime TOO soon.. But still, I really miss this site. I'll probably get back fully once they start changing things though, since I really can say that I've worked with almost every chord and instrument. But, I never know when I'll be inspired by all of you amazing shakers =). I want them to add something new to the program, no, actually I want them to add tons of new things to the program, or else this site will never reach it's potential. But, for all of you fans and even people who just happened to come across this page, please know that my respect and appreciation for this site and everyone on it has not gone down one millimeter.

This song was formed from an older song that I had in my save file since I came out with my Fusion series, but somehow I couldn't seem to put the pieces together. Today, I finally managed to build up that small fraction of a tune to a full 12-plus minute song. Thanks for everything, you guys, and keep in mind that this song is not my last. I hope it does for you what it did for me, and filled some musical gap I had that I'd developed while I was gone. I was just dying to make a rock song again /=P. One last thing, since I'm going to be popping on and off sporadically through the week, if you could share the link with other people I would greatly appreciate it =)

Thanks again, and see you soon.

Update (2-15-2016):

Hi guys. Whoever is seeing this right now, I want you to know how amazing you are. Yeah, you there. I know that it's incredibly hard to find the older members now that almost every one of the original shakers has left and continued on with their lives, and that you coming across this song means you're either an old fan of mine or someone dedicated to discovering the buried past of Musicshake. To the former, thank you so much guys. So, so much. It was an amazing 2 or 3 years that has taught me more life lessons than I can count. I've learned how to be confident in myself, and how even though what I say or do isn't the accepted norm that I will have people that will stick with me for the rest of my life. I've learned humility, reflected in the music I had created on this website during the worst, most stressful days of my life. I also learned that even when the world is against me, by sharing those emotions even a stranger could make life so much easier to live. I've learned that the people from this website had created a shelter with their kindness that I'll never forget.

To the latter, welcome! I know, if you read all of the previous paragraph it sounds like I'm dying or something along those lines. I can assure you I'm alive and healthy at a prime ~20 years old. However, I started creating on Musicshake when I was 14 years old. Right now I'm 6 years old on Musicshake, and it's neither 'healthy' nor 'prime' anymore. I realize that this site is no longer the incredible booming hub of activity that it once was, and it tears me to shreds. But don't let that discourage you! There are still good people here that will take the time to listen to every second of your musical masterpieces. You can find them if you look hard enough, as well as close enough.

So, "why am I writing all of this?" might be your big question at this point. Well, unfortunately it's to say goodbye. It's to bid farewell to my past and carry on. I've been places emotionally on this website I can't accurately define. I've been so incredibly happy seeing just a simple notification that someone had commented on my wall, or extremely angry at people that felt the need to start pointless fights for trivial reasons. It's been a lot like a home I've realized, now that I'm old enough to look years back on it. So to those that are new by months, or maybe even a couple years: look around. Keep your eyes open and peeled. There's gold under here that could change your life over time.

The date is February fifteenth, 2016, and I've decided that this will be my final song. This song is my last great yell, the final and great bellow of rebellion that you will hear from stEAmpowered. I can't say that I want to still be active on this account. I'll probably pop around here and there from time to time. However let me give you a brief history to the masses that will probably never look into my profile or down through my songs. Steam was created around 6 years ago, thanks to hearing about this website from one of my best friends both here and on MS called shadowknight. We both were interested because we had wanted to see how well we could make rap songs, and needed royalty free music samples to create simple rhythms with. I started off making hiphop songs and a little bit of rock as I was exploring what this website could do.

After a couple of months of having nothing but failures and insignificant or poorly made songs, I ran into someone I could owe my career to. He was already 3 years old on Musicshake. He was in fact one of the first people on it to begin with, and was active until only about a month ago. You all know him as 89Ford. You've known him as the "King of Musicshake" or "The Phoenix", but to me I have always known him as my great friend and unequaled mentor. He started giving me incredible advice and guided what I should do in order to fix and clean up my songs, and I looked to his songs for inspiration. From there I grew my own wings. Steampowered was finally living up to the name. I had my first major successes and released my first ever well-known album of songs. After that, I met amazing people day after day and made songs that helped me relate to them through this plastic glowing screen. It's pretty amazing in itself to think about actually. Also, if you're reading this Karl, thank you so much for your patience, for sharing your wisdom, and for giving me the encouragement I needed.

I still have a slightly more active account called WanderRiver, if anyone is still interested. But as for me, Kirby, personally to this website: from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Also personally to this account, I'll miss it.

See ya everyone. =)

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