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According to the latest updates from MusicShake, the Advance PC version of MusicShake will no longer be supported thus my latest project which was slated for January 2015 will forever be lost in limbo. It is due to this that I shall officially retire from MusicShake in terms of producing new content but I will stop by every now and then.

- Jan

FACEBOOK = https://www.facebook.com/MediaShinobi
GOOGLE+ = https://plus.google.com/+MediaShinobi
TUMBLR = http://mediashinobi.tumblr.com
YOUTUBE = http://www.youtube.com/user/MediaShinobi
YOUTUBE = http://www.youtube.com/user/MediaShinobiGamers


MusicShake BIO:
Hello, my name is Jan and I've been on MusicShake since 2010 but I'm not as active on this site compared to others. Originally, I just made random sounds that did not require much effort. I decided that if I would work on another soundtrack in the future, I will not stop until it is absolutely perfect.

MusicShake Discography:

Advance PC Version
01.) Turbulence [OST] - (2010)
-------- http://eng.musicshake.com/song/100259
02.) Aftermath [OST] - (2010)
-------- http://eng.musicshake.com/song/104363
03.) Overload: Terabyte [OST] - (2011)
-------- http://eng.musicshake.com/song/126156
04.) Energy: Pulse [OST] - (2012)
-------- http://eng.musicshake.com/song/179562
05.) Cloud: Breeze [OST] - (2013)
-------- http://eng.musicshake.com/song/205215
06.) Untitled 6th [OST] - (2013)
-------- http://eng.musicshake.com/song/222676
07.) Infinite: Origins [OST] - (2014)
-------- http://eng.musicshake.com/song/230226
08.) Untitled 8th [OST] - (2014) - WebAPP Edition
-------- http://eng.musicshake.com/song/236898
09.) Spasmodic [OST] - (2014)
-------- http://eng.musicshake.com/song/243905
10.) Untitled 10th [OST] - (CANCELLED)

MusicShake Contributions:
1.) Dark Energy: Annihilation [OST] by TranceMick - (2013)

Music taste:
I tend to keep an open mind to all forms of music and sounds. Although I may have preferences to certain types of genres, I rather not restrict myself to them. I believe each genre has certain aspects that you can not find in any other genre. I believe that no genre is above all others.

MS Activity:
I am currently a full-time university student and my main priority is education so I don't have the luxury to listen to every single song posted on my profile page. However, I will try my best to listen to the songs that are posted on my profile page out of respect. I am more inclined to take a song seriously if I am given a detailed description in order to get an idea of the overall intention in order to properly judge it. It is due to this that I tend to skip over those who only provides a sentence or less describing the song or worse which is simply a link.

Response Frequency to Songs:
1.) Rating = Common
2.) Favorites = Uncommon
3.) Comments = Rare

P.S. Do NOT take my methods of reviewing to heart, music is purely subjective. My opinions may differ from others and vice versa.

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