Favorite genre

Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Hiphop

About me

I really love music with alot of beat to it as you can tell in all my songs. I like songs that are basically bumping and go hard throughout the whole song. I also like to play basketball(like it matters on here) hahhaa:P. But plz check out my songs and comment on the pros n cons on them.. Im kinda new to this but i quite for awhile but am back at it!:D So some love n ill show it back.

My First Album "WTF" which features:
Imma Beast
Look A Pig
Got Earthquake?
We Fight and Dance
Dance Please!
No Name

Hope you enjoy! ;)

Im looking to do another album so please comment below and tell me the good and the bad of "WTF". Also, i would like to know what kind of genres i should on the next album which is gonna be a mix of different genres like techno/dance(of course! :D) Hip-Hop and Rock. But lemme know if you like me to make a different approach on this next album. I'm thinking of naming it "Mixture" but if you don't like the name plz comment below.


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