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This is an opening movement to a piece I'm working on.. This so far is only an outline using the current program I have available. There are many more sounds I'd like to introduce into this piece with male voices and so on at the climax that aren't available on this program; so, it's basically an outline that I would like to get to later with more powerful software that I'll have soon. Seeing as i cannot play the cello, violin and so on myself I'll need the software, and i don't have the money to hire people to play them. People that use computer software for such things as this i think get a bad wrap. I don't see why as for a solo artist you don't have many options. I know however that Bach and Mozart and so on couldn't play all the instruments in their pieces, and they weren't knocked for it as they were composers as well as musicians. Anyway, I think this came out fair for what was available to me.

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