Favorite genre

R&B, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Ballad, Classical/New Age, Soul/Funk/Groove

Favorite artists

Mai Phuong, Jeff Majors, Any Non Blasphemous Music.

About me

I'm a Musicshake Legend~ Via; The King Of DarkWave.
Greatest in the Art of Darkwave and Trance here.
You won't be disappointed...

My facebook is Jason "AncientWrath" Gilbert

Update: MusicShake...Done crossed the line

Colors Of Sense Album: New Song > My King

Track One: Love Dimension
Track Two: My King
Track Three: Detrimental
Track Four: No Promise to you
Track Five: Pulsate Realm
Track Six: Cruel Revelations

Not much to say, but I give honest criticism. I don't lie about how I feel about your music and yes there is a such thing as perfect music, by its own standards.

A list of my "DARKEST SONGS"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mercy - (Song speaks for itself)

Dementia - (Classic, Unhappy ending)

Fear Monger - (Classic, Happy ending)

Morbid - (Easy listening, fairly Dark)

Shunned -
(Smooth ear soothing Ballad of Despair, heartfelt ending)

Lost and Grim - (Orchestral Rock)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A List of My Most "TWISTED TRACKS" (Viewers discretion is advised)
Heart of Darkness - (From The heart, A Hateful tune)

Hostel: The Misanthrope Psychosadist -
(Dialog Of Torture, not suitable for those not familiar with hatred)

Ballad of the Hateful Sadist -
(A Japanese Ballad of overflowing resentment)

BloodLust -
(Depiction of a Maniac Vampire's Lust For Blood)

Mother Hunger - (Horror Theme, to a demonic invasion)

A list of my Most "Heart Touching songs"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sorrow Of Sacrifice - (Just Listen)

Blackheart Forest -
(A Literal Perfect song, No Flaws, sounds like pure perfection, not a hair out of place.)

VIctory in Pain - (Nothing to say but, tears)

Coma - (Famous Song of mine, Enjoy this classical piece)

A List of My Trance Hits
Eternal Life - (You'll lose your God Damn mind)

Jaguar Night - (House Rhythm)

Ethereal Trance - (Sexy Rhythm)

Moonlight Tantra - (Ode to The Moon's Beauty)

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