Favorite genre

Hiphop, Rock/Metal, R&B, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Ballad, Soul/Funk/Groove

Favorite artists

"I don't really have a favourite artist.. I prefer to listen to the songs and judge on that rather than who made it.. but I like anything that is good, really.."

About me


Im looking to collaborate on other shaker's songs to get some inspiration back.

1. Make a partly done song and post the link on my page

2. I'll remix it and add some stuff and ill send it back to you to finish it off.

Im open to collaborate with anyone so please don't hesitate to do this, whoever you are!

Keep shaking, folks!!

- ccollins

- 200 -

1. You Won't Drag Me Down, Like Never Ever
2. Dare To Dream
3. Determined, Committed, Defiant
4. Ghost Town
5. Armageddon Will Be The Happiest Moment
6. The Science Of Bass
7. Nothing Else Matters
8. Thinking About You
9. One In A Million
10. I Think This Is Love
11. My Mind Games Fuck With Your Simple Head
12. Love At First Sight
13. The Brave Warrior
14. Something Out There?
15. Breathe.. If You Can
16. Relapse
17. As Long As We Last Forever

- The Dropzone -

1. Can You Hear Me Shout? (ft. LaggyNet)
2. Tsunami (ft. dorisik)
3. The Dropzone
4. You're Not Ready To Face Them (ft. CAB1)
5. Overdrive (ft. AncaJamy)
6. Anthem Of Pride
7. On Top Of The World
8. I Cry Waterfalls

- HiGH -

1. I Dreamed To Be An Astronaut
2. Save The World
3. Artificial Intelligence
4. Euphoria
5. Clouds
6. You & Me
7. Voyage (300 Days From Mars)
8. If Your Heart Breaks, My Heart Shatters
9. Little Astronaut
10. Unknown Friendly Organisms

-The Collabin Introduces: The Gifts Of The Mountain Top Gods (Number Ones)-

1. A New Beginning
2. Return To Shaketown
3. Loss
4. Arrowheart
5. Your Eyes
6. Young, Wild & Free
7. Cotton Candy Mountains
8. Test Of Time
9. You Wont Drag Me Down, Like Never Ever
10. I Think This Is Love
11. I Dreamed To Be An Astronaut
12. Love At First Sight
13. Shooting Stars (PianoNinja ft. ccollins)
14. Have Some Rest (roughtice ft. ccollins)

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