Favorite genre

Hiphop, Rock/Metal, Electronic/Techno, Jazz, Classical/New Age, Soul/Funk/Groove

Favorite artists

Queen, Ed Sheeran, Christina Perri, Lana Del Rey, Imagine Dragons, Of Monsters and Men

About me

I try to make a veriety of different styles of music, so there's something for everyone :D
Btw, if any of you guys want me to listen to your songs I'd be happy to! I love hearing new music =]
Hello there :O!~
My name is Molly and I'm a 15 year old from sunny England.
Uhm....I'm not very good at these soo..
My main goal in life "career wise" is to become a successful actor in musical theater.
If not then I'd probably like to be a recording artist or film director.. (^-^/)

Some random stuff about me.. I love sleeeep and chocolate and generally all things unhealthy and unproductive...
These are some of my all time favourite songs on MusicShake;

Redemption by Dallas0070
My Small Adventure by FoxAtHeart
Darkness Inside Me by Johnt35
The Doll by Gr8peAp3

I have a strange taste in music >w<


(Sorry if I haven't been very active lately, I'm just really busy! ^_^)

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