About me

Hey PeePs!! I am iceCrystals, I really enjoy musicshake. I had this account for more than a year now and I can tell you some of the best experiences on the computer was being here. ~~My older sis, duckygirlxyz, introduce me into musicshake and was kind enough to give me her back up account, iltalianlove. the first song, interesting, was basically made by her, but my VERY first song I ever made on here was Realized, made on the back up account. Then I made the song, Simple. My third song, Without us, was originally supposed to be uploaded onto the back up file, but the 2 songs I made on the back up I really in my opinion didn't really like and I thought people would make a bad impression to compare these 2 bad songs and this really good song. That's where my account iceCrystals comes in. I only had the back up for a couple of weeks and until then, I never used it. If your interesting to see what I look like, you can ask. Please enjoy my songs and post friendly comments =)
~my favorite songs are: Mirror by Lil Wayne, I got more but i'm too lazy to name them all, but my Favorite out of all of them is Mirror by Lil Wayne.
~ My favorite youtube channels are: @ERB, @marblehornets, @roosterteeth, @TheFineBros, @PrankVsPrank, some more but can't think of any right now.
~ Favorite foods: strawberries
sorry about da wait yo guys... school started couple weeks ago and i'm staying an after school sport which is Cross Country, anyways I do have couple quizzes pretty much next week and the week after. I really don't want people to have seconds thoughts about me about not being on here more than a while... I only have a few minutes to type this and then resume studying, 2 things I came here for, 1st: to type this. 2nd: to listen to 2 songs which is one of my favorites forever, forever alone and Crystalization from oeroe2911 and goucheaar. Also I did made some new pictures like the one your seeing now. Anyways listen to my songs =) and hope for me to well on my quizzes =)

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