Favorite genre

Hiphop, R&B, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Ballad, Classical/New Age

Favorite artists

Bonnie McKee, Mariah Carey, Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande, Lily Allen, Selena Gomez, Gorillaz, Karmin, P!nk, Lorde, Lady Gaga, all the musicshake artist

About me

Hello! I'm here to make some music and have fun! Ever since people have been so nice to me and after the success of my albums (with your help, no less) I have come to think of myself as a princess of the pop music community here on MusicShake. I hope you guys would come to think the same of me. I hope you all came to this page to post a cool song! ♫♪

I am a Sim singer from the hit PC game The Sims 3. I work with Sim Records to being you music via Musicshake. I hope you all enjoy my music and enjoy making some of your own as well. Feel free to post whatever you like below as long as it isn't nasty! And don't be sad if I don't reply, I might just be too busy. Love you all ♥

Much love - Callie


"Cloud 9" Album
- Cloud 9 | Ask Me Another Day | Still The One | Mr. Mystery | Diamond | Hipster Hybrid | Shade of Black | Not Tonight | Forever Young | Fast n Slow | Broken Chains | Love Lead the Way
-Sex Sells | L♥lita | Dream | Peacock

"Waking Up" Album
- Waking Up | Chocolate | If I Had Two Hearts | Daydreaming | Showtime | Sparks | E.T. | I Love It | American Girl

"Spiritual" Album
- Birthday | Roar | Dark Heart | Spiritual | We Don't Need No King | Popular | Double Rainbow | Coca-Cola | Hollywood | Baby, It's Cold Outside | ROAR: Eye of the Tiger (Dance Remix)

"Who You Love" Album
- Cannonball | Timber | Who You Love | Crazy Horse | This Is How We Do | Unconditionally | Walking On Air | I Wanna Forget You | I'm Ready To Go | What Now | Dark Horse

"The Art of Letting Go" Album - The #SummertimeBeautiful Series
- #Beautiful | You're Mine | Touch My Body | Ultraviolence | Las Vegas | The Art of Letting Go

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