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Hiphop, R&B, Pop

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All the greats...

About me

~ Bio ~
Yo, this is Iamzyrie. I'm an African American living in South Carolina It's been over a year that I've been on this site called Musicshake. But after a year of wondering 'what if' 'when' , I finally have returned to Musichshake. I've gotten my fair share of success on this website. And I give my appreciations to all the fans and supporters of Iamzyrie. Along with success comes some bullshit. I was accused of boosting in my early MS days. Lmfaoo,I was fuckin ganged up on, I've been in dumbass feuds (most of the beefs have been squashed) But it brings me here to this day. 2 fuckin years In Musicshake. This isn't a one time deal, I am back in the motherfuckin game for good baby! Like it or not.

~ Quotes ~
Don't let anybody stop you from doing your thing, no matter how much they talk down of you, or what they do. Rise Above The BS!

Let's share our Musicshake creations to the world peacefully without all out war.

Don't take MS as seriously as the real music world, have a lil fun with it!

You don't need 100 instruments to make good music, it only takes 5 good instruments to make a masterpiece...

And lastly, make it about the Mf'n Music!!!

~ Chart Listings ( Top 10's) ~

1 Anything For You - #1
2 U Bout That Life - #1
3 I Love Your Love - #2
4 Aint No Game - #3
5 Rock My World - #3
6 Our Song - #4
7 I'm Sorry - #4
8 I'mma Knock You Out - #5
9 Invisible - #5
10 Butterflies - #6
11 Do You Really Love Me - #7
12 _Get On Up_ - #8
13 Know U Better - #9
14 Heartbreaker - #10
15 My Journey - #10
16 What I Want (Live) - #10

~ News Updates ~
New album on hold as of now

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