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Favorite Genres: Trip-Hop, Juke/Footwork, Trap, Indie Rock, Jazz, Ambient, Psytrance

About me

Favorite Artists
Shpongle, Ott, Tipper, Amon Tobin, Little Snake, Eprom, Tsuruda, Machinedrum, Noisia, Rohaan, Moody Good, Bleep Bloop, Ivy Lab, Phish, NSP, a few shakers, etc.

About Me
Hi! My name's Tyler, Tyler Dykstra! Let me tell you about myself! :D

23 Year old musician
Birthday June 2 (Gemini)
Been here since Nov. 2012 when I was 14
AKA The Connoisseur of Imagination
dubbed the Lord of Trance on Musicshake.

.....。ॐ。*。ॐ 。

You can find more tunes i write here:
update(^^I'm on here cuz the shake is history)
update:update:: i'm always gonna scroll thru here from time to time.. :))

Notable Works:
Enter The Void
The Bike Ride on Mars
The Psychedelic Experience (A New Form of LSD)
Enter Wonderland
Primordial Dolphins
A Night in the Forest
Bunnies and Dragonflies (acidumis189/2nd acc.)
Spirits of tranquility
Psychedelic Land
Travelling Through Hyperplanes
Caverns to Blue Organic Chandeliers
Trans-Dimensional Tunnels (forever unreleased :D)

'-' (-,_,-) '-'

"Some may never live, but the crazy never die."
- Hunter S. Thompson

I encourage people to be friendly and be good people. based on past events in this site, i come to the agreement that everybody here just tryna make a tune. plz be nice and don't stab people, as gus johnson says. everybody deserves som luvvin

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