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Posted: 9/20/18

Have had a hankering to do some more toons here and give a listening and more feedback to people here. I almost forgot how much I missed it. Yes, I've gone through another entire raft of serious health crap (including having a MRSA infection in my sinuses that almost went septic...and required me to get a PICC line for daily IV antobiotics...) but I have come out on the other side, full of creative energy and inspiration!! Let's do this!!

Posted: 8/12/16

A few of you know I've been lurking here and there for about a month or so. Even fewer of you know that I've been sick and getting progressively more ill since the end of February. This illness culminated in my latest major (abdominal) surgery on August 3rd 2016 (that's 12 surgeries plus countless other invasive procedures I've had in the past 2.5 years when I was first diagnosed with autoimmune diseases) and for the first few days, I was okay. It felt like I was getting better. But about 4-5 days after surgery, I began getting more and more ill again. I should be feeling significantly better by now, yet instead I feel almost exactly the same as I did leading up to the surgery. While I definitely wasn't wanting another surgery, I knew it was needed and I was DEFINITELY looking forward to positive results after six months of feeling like hell.

Point being....if I haven't spoken with you or listened to your song, please don't take it personally. I really am not online very much. There's a lot of sleeping and resting and saving up energy for the things I absolutely *must* leave the apartment to accomplish. I know so many of you have your own battles and challenges to face, but I'm asking you to please save a prayer or two and maybe some healing and calming vibes for me. I'm getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. I just want to be WELL ALREADY and get on with it. >.< Thanks, all.


I will continue to create when the ability, time, and inspiration to create strike me.

All my love,


If you knew me between the time of Feb-June 2013, you know I listened to virtually every song that everyone posted on my profile. You also knew me as somebody who was extremely happy, giving to a fault, and I was never, ever, ever negative. In the beginning, that wasn't so hard. Listening to every song posted on my profile was quite easy, as I had few fans. But as the fanlist grew, my music gained more exposure, and it became increasingly more impossible for me to follow everything that everybody did. I was spending virtually ALL OF MY TIME on MS, and accomplishing practically nothing outside of it.

Just know that if there were enough hours in a day, I would happily listen to everything all of you had to offer. Unfortunately, I have other "real life" things which I must answer to outside of MusicShake. I doesn't mean I don't love you guys, because I do -- it just means that if I wish to take care of all I need to, it means I have to spend much less time here than I did in the past. Love you guys.

Thanks for understanding.

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