Favorite genre

Hiphop, Rock/Metal, R&B, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop

Favorite artists

Too much to list here!

About me

I use musicshake and soundtrap to make my music.

Hello, I'm Destroyyyyer aka DestroyerTha1st. I make music and play a lot of ROBLOX (Known on youtube with accounts DestroyerTha1st, DestroyerThaAlt _, and Destroyyyyer, others are fakes.) I am just returning to musicshake as I used to be known as Electric Fire on here, I have now returned to Musicshake and will stay for a little bit.

Highest I've been on the Musicshake Charts:
#16 - The Eagle Doesn't Catch The Worm/Outro
(This will update over time)

Check out my NEWEST album "Eagle Eye", Available here and soon on Youtube as a playlist:

1. Intro
2. Welcome to the Nest
3. Beak
4. RUN
5. Night's Crisis
6. 14-20 Yrs
7. Siren Melody
8. Short Break
9. Flying Across the Mountain Tops
10. Latin Simone
11. Can't Stop the Funk
12. I Think I Found Somebody Perfect for Me
13. The Eagle Doesn't Catch the Worm/Outro

Also check out my first album "Dreams And Bridges", Available on here and on Youtube as a playlist:

Track 1: Answering Machine
Track 2: Creativity
Track 3: Ocean Tides
Track 4: When Doorbells Collide
Track 5: Bookmark This Ringtone
Track 6: Dreams And Bridges
Track 7: Guitar Gateway
Track 8: Bookmark This Ringtone Pt. 2
Track 9: Traffic To My Ears

Also check out 'B-Sides', a compilation of songs that didnt make Dreams And Bridges:
1. Burnt Plastic
2. ¿Qué quieres?
3. When Doorbells Collide (Without SFX)
4. Electricities Hero (ft. ccollins)
5. Beachside
6. Epic Electric
7. Russ

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