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you just dont get it! 89Ford! It does not matter which mule of the week, or naive child you use to attack me if its thienien or satan or Rb2k or splaterd or Kisario or which ever new or old mule you wish to attack me its still you scumbag i know it and you know it! Music shake knows it! your digging your hole deeper ! i have been telling you for 3 years now to give up this war but your just to dumb!

89ford will not give up! he has tried one more desperation attempt to lie and re write history and the truth, he truly has no honor ! Though I have always known that, most of you dont! He is so low! Since I exposed his mule Thienien his number on mule and attack dog he has been trying everything to get back at me! No big change he has been doing it non stop since the first month i was here! this petty war of his that he lost so many years ago that he still wages is pathetic! There is nothing he will not do! no low he will not stoop to no lie he will not fabricate! his latest his master plan is theinien has left because of the horrible flickermouse and is on a religious road of spirituality! Well actually he was exposed as a 89ford mule so was of no use to him anymore! Except to sacrifice him as a martter on the alter of 89Ford because of the evil flickermouse! truth be told until a month ago or so i had not spoken to his mule in years occasionally he would pop up out of the wood work to trash talk me somewhere in the forum with ford! was always hilarious watching 89Ford have a conversation with himself! lolololl

Well now 89Ford has exposed his mule kisario in another great attempt to grandstand and spew a whole new yarn of fairy tale courtesy of the delusional mind of 89Ford! This big masterpiece supposedly worked on by Kisario and thienien !{which is a joke in the first place because Thieniens ego was as big as 89Fords thats why he was 89Fords favorite mule! anyways he never would work on a song with a noob because it was so far beneath his ability!} So the part right there from the beginning tells you its bullshit! That this kisario who then posted the song because Thienien is gone and then tells of how great the master thienien was how everybody loved him how he was a saint! then proceeds to talk about the most hateful person on Music Shake guess who! "FLICKERMOUSE" then proceed to tell of my horrid deeds then goes into detail to tell the story of the savior 89Ford and and the demon flickermous in great detail! As everybody knows all that saint did was attack people on here and talk about how much better he was then everybody else and how he was depressed that there were no virgins left for him to sacrifice! Oh by the way he is a noob remember but somehow he knows in great detail of things that happened years before he was here! are you getting the picture music shake i hope so!

This alone should tell you its a absolute fabrication made up by one of 89Fords many fake accounts I dont think i need to go any farther i think that alone expose 89Ford once again for his bullshit! oh and the great lie that Thienien tried to make peace with Flickermouse and she denied him! Fist off there was no such event second off there never would have been since 89Fordf knows i know Thienien is him! So that is hilarious! he is such a fucking asshole and he will get whats coming to him for his behavior! Oh and for those of you who didnt know Thienien was the very first person to attack me here! So in essence he responsible for this whole war! LOl but of course we know now that he was just another one of 89Fords tools!


Due to the Constant abuse and harassment that I have been forced to suffer here everyday of my 2 year tenure! from 89FORD his mules fools and tools! I choose no longer to suffer the affronts, slanders, personal attacks and blatant impersonations of me by 89Ford in full violation of community policy! For which Music Shake has turned a blind eye to! I leave you to your false boosting lying ego maniac Self proclaimed king of lies! 89Ford! I will no longer post any of the songs I make last count over a 100! You had more then one opportunity to put a stop to his behavior ! Instead you chose to support it.!! You have set the path of destruction of your web sight! it will never grow or prosper as long as 89Ford is allowed to run rampant across your web sight! With his 20 plus mule accounts that are confirmed! Harassing everybody that he feels is a threat to his false boosting domination of the charts! he has chased that we know of at least 50 people off in the last 5 years! That is what we do know! Could be 100's with that Psycho!

His mule Satan! "Oh trust me the irony of the name is not lost on me here ! it is absolutely hilarious! Anyhow in one night has manage to attack me every where he could that he could find that where i had posted or made comment around music shake! Of course I banned his atrocities and name calling and threats that he posted on my page and my song page! I did find it rather humorous how his writing style is almost word for word 89Ford! !

Here we go again shakers 89Ford trying to discredit me to make his crimes go away! it will not work simply because i still have the evidence of his crimes so does music shake! but as you you know he thinks like a child! he figures if you tell a lie long enough it will become the truth! So in reality his new attacks under the name Satan only serve to destroy more of what is a dying community thanks to his and his mules actions over the last few years! He once again has proven that he cares nothing for the community! he only cares about trying to save a legend that only exist in his delusional mind! I apologize for him ,

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