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89ford will not give up! he has tried one more desperation attempt to lie and re write history and the truth, he truly has no honor ! Though I have always known that, most of you dont! He is so low! Since I exposed his mule Thienien his number on mule and attack dog he has been trying everything to get back at me! No big change he has been doing it non stop since the first month i was here! this petty war of his that he lost so many years ago that he still wages is pathetic! There is nothing he will not do! no low he will not stoop to no lie he will not fabricate!

Due to the Constant abuse and harassment that I have been forced to suffer here everyday of my years tenure! from 89FORD his mules fools and tools! I choose no longer to suffer the affronts, slanders, personal attacks and blatant impersonations of me by 89Ford in full violation of community policy! For which Music Shake has turned a blind eye to! I leave you to your false boosting lying ego maniac Self proclaimed king of lies! 89Ford! I will no longer post any of the songs I make last count over a 100! You had more then one opportunity to put a stop to his behavior ! Instead you chose to support it.!! You have set the path of destruction of your web sight! it will never grow or prosper as long as 89Ford is allowed to run rampant across your web sight! With his 20 plus mule accounts that are confirmed! Harassing everybody that he feels is a threat to his false boosting domination of the charts! he has chased that we know of at least 50 people off in the last 5 years! That is what we do know! Could be 100's with that Psycho!

For those of you who seem to think I am no longer here or that i no longer make music here so that some makes me less of a community member and more of a ghost!You are wrong lol whats new.! I have never left nor have I ever stopped making music! I have easily over150 songs in my catalog of music ! I just post it because i care about the ,music community as a whole and wish to keep it out of crumbling into utter chaos!

Fpr those of you who thank you know this place you dont and you no idea of the Chaos one psychotic enraged sick individual can wreak on this place ! when he loses his mind and like captain Ahab can see or do anything else but Focus with tunnel vision on the destruction of his great white whale! You may find that humorous but let me assure you it is quite true! tThe list time I posted real song on here which actually was quite a exceptional song called "I stand alone" those shakers who were there can tell you That 89Ford lost his mind! He went went on a war path of of destruction all across music shale over 80 battle pages he posted all filled with hate and slander! then all across Music Shake on everybody pages hate and slander! the Forums he filled with so much hate Music shake took them down! He made songs impersonating me! He made songs that were vile and disgusting speaking horrible things about me! But most disturbing he then started making songs where he threatened violence against me threatened to stab me shoot me kill me! During all of this he flagrantly spoke if how he could care less abou all the damage he was doing to the community! the community finally had enough and a couple of decent people spoke with him They asked him to please be a good boy and if he would just stopp being the complete selfish prick that he had always been then they would all over look the horrific things he had done to me! Yea was thart special! yes not special at all! but the community felt special about themselves
! Well the good community disbanded their Peace Core and came to me and claimed like Nevil Chamberlain when he arrived back in England after negotiating world peace with Hitler right before world WAR11 claiming PEACE IN OUR TIME! LOLOLOL

The Very Next day 89Ford with the help of his MULE Thenien Launched a all out war of verbal assaults and slander all over the forums ! So much for his word of Honor! Thats ok I knew he had none he had done this several times before! The community Peace Corp slowly slithered away never to be herd from again and did nothing to sanction his out betrayal ! So He then started impersonating music shake himself but his final act which just prove everything I said about his boosting was true The next night Ford made a big deal on his page how he was going to bed early which i found strange tghat he went out of his wey so everybody would know he was going to sleep! I get a message 5 minutes later From my friend DBL who told me I should go look at the charts so I did! Well Ford could not stand the fact that song was at the top of the charts he done everything boosted a song to knoc it out one week and whole host of things but he had to be careful others wise his boosting would have become to obvious and even a blind man could now see he was a expert booster and that he boosted all of his songs but try as he might he could not knock my song out of the top 5```````````````````````````````````````````````

Sop 89Ford lost mind and created his final solution! When i went to the charts his sing and 4 of his friends songs play count was moving up so fast it was almost a blur! Now it this time I think around 2500 plays was probably the most any song had ever received in a week! well low behold in just a little over 12 hours 89Fords song and his friends songs all had received over 20,000 plays a piece! yes you herd right over 20,000 plays a piece in a little more then 12 hours that was over a 100,000 plays of course every knew that was im,possible music shake did even have more then 100 or so listeners ! 89Ford gets up the next day and proclaims it a Christmas Miracle! and his for friends empowered by there massive surge of un deserved plays all agreed yes it must of been a Christmas miracle ! Community just bowed its head and said nothing and congratulated them!! Now his friends I dont think were involved in the boosting but they knew what had been done and they said nothing . So at that point 89Ford pretty much felt he could what ever he wanted to and nobody would say anything and he was right!

So it so bad they took out the forums I had become so disgusted that i pulled the song off the chart's and just deleted it Just so people could get back ti making music! At that point I realized i would never be allowed to post music my music on music shake again! If I did the King would lose his mind and once again slash and burn this web-sight ! Ity was more important to me that the children be able to continue to make music in peace un harmed but the actions of one mentally ill individual!

So for you jerks who like to make comments that I dont make music or that i dont have any songs I dont understand how Flickermous got so many fans or plays she does not do anything! lol You are wrong I do I keep th peace so guys like blanktown can run around making music thinking they know everything and can sit and talk abuse to me like i am nobody!~ Even though i am the very reason he gets to make his music in peace. Not because of his hero! so when you here people talk about sacrifices I made I had to give up posting and sharing any of my music with my friends are the community! tell me blanktown what have you ever sacrificed for the community! You accused me of hating ! The only thing i hate is the ignorance not only that but how arrogant some arer about there ignorance! I am not allowed the same privileges that you ! you are anyboyd here is! You say you knpw ! but when yousay i smile at you because you know nothing blanktown you nothing of all hate and lies ad slander that you support! you have no idea what it is that you support ! one when older You and a lot of other misguse children like you will look back and feel ashamed of the hate you through on me!! at least if you grow up to be a good man and a educated one you will understand what you supported and the cruelty you participated in! anyhow for those of you who always ask why do not make music? the answer is i do I just am notl;sllowed to post for fear of what 89Ford is capable of! doing in his madness
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