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Rock/Metal, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop

About me

----- 18.5.2013 --> 24.7.2020 -----
I guess this is forced musicshake retirement.

Walking in the Rain (2013)
Life Story (2013)
Evolution (2014)
Thoughts (2014)
1981 (2014)
Sparks EP (2015)
Misunderstood EP (2016)
Skydivers EP (2017)
Bright New Morning (2019)
Summer EP (2020)

Some of my songs that I recommend checking out:

1. World to Explore (posted 9 October 2014)
2. HyperChill (posted 25 April 2019)
3. Misunderstood (posted 13 May 2016)
4. The Grand Orchestra (posted 20 October 2013)
5. Summer (posted 24 July 2020)


july 2020: lockdown really brought me back here lmao, i cleaned up my profile a little, and got rid of like 300+ low quality songs. also wtf will happen to this place when flash is killed?

january 2021: and all those songs i spend ages making when i was a kid... i can't listen to them anymore. fuck ms for deserting this place

november 2021: nope still no life here. this place is really spooky like i bet no one has visited this site in weeks... its like a cemetery out here. idc i just wanna hear songs again

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