Brood Season created by Thienien 12 months ago

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Genre: Ballad Mood: Dark/Heavy Theme: Other

The Pain some are forced to endure with a silent scream feels as injustice. Would you drown with us in the sea of life as our bodies begin to disappear. There is balance to everything, but why does it seem it is only winter and no Bring in our souls? The first half may be darkness, then light. Some of us were chosen for the light of bliss at birth then the bite of darkness at the end.

Yin and Yang. There is always a balance.

This song is a balance of a Brooding Ominous decent and Blissful joy blending together in a Chaotic but serene-calming Melody; not giving one's soul the portion of Peace or the craving for the escape from the danger descending as we speak.

*This song was originally dubbed Torture Season.**

*Ear Rape at 8:04-05* - my apologies

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