Favorite genre

Hiphop, Rock/Metal, R&B, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Ballad, Jazz, Latin, Classical/New Age, Soul/Funk/Groove

Favorite artists

Linkin Park, Pendulum,Prodigy, Tao Cruz, Ibiza, Clubmix, Disco, Slack bass, Drum and Bass, Dj Mix, Deadmau5, Nero, Dico, Deep Beats,DUBSTEP, UKF DUBSTEP, Flashstep,Dancing Bear, Shadow187199, Syntonia, LeppyLove, Pisky05, and all my Fans!

About me

Welcome to my Fan Lock!

I now do a star rating for anyone posting there great songs!

** COOL!
*** SWEET!

Brief History:

I started Musicshake back in 2010, I first discovered this software and site from my friend shadow187199 who is still using this site and have also created many songs. If there is such thing as "credit" then I would ashore that half the credit should go to my mate shadow187199.

My first account was the user- Magic1995 which I was gaining a success from until the user malfunctioned and dis-allowed me to go back on it or create more music. That was the unfortunate, the good news though is that finally I worked out how to repair the user and then it finally worked, and yet another unfortunate was that I already started another account 2 years after I worked out what went wrong. My Magic1995 is now my long lost historical account and now is going to be used as a backup account encase this account fails. (Touch Wood)

For my fans:

The way I go is "Everybody Counts" Everyone that has posted there songs to me are all exceptional, everyone has there own tastes and there own professional kind of music, for example; I love techno and metal that keeps me on the "mental stage" but for more calmer music I have a passion to create for not just me, but for everyone else. Life is full of stress and anger but life does have its goods. Ups and downs. This gives me a chance to either take away stress and stay cool. All my fans are winners and that's how I go!

About me:

I like all sorts of music. Mostly Electric and rock and metal. Iam friends with shadow187199. I am going to make as many songs as I can make. If you look up magic1995 that was my old account which unfortunately went corrupted. I have recently got into metal so now my new account Flashstar95 is going to be completely different! Hope you enjoy my tunes! And I will challenge you!

I have my own keyboard and I normally improvise on it, hopefully soon ill be getting an electric guitar for my self. I have uploaded some of my tunes that ive made on you tube from my keyboard.

Just to say, thank you too everyone who has become my fans and thank you people who have Favorited any of my songs. And also thanks to everyone who has challenged me! :)

I have been using this music shake since the year 2010, I herd about this software from my friend shadow187199, so I would thank him from informing me of this site. I Have a passion for music and that's one of the biggest reasons why I use this site and im so happy that people love my music. Thanks Guys!

I'm also of a few other sites:

I have a YouTube channel called Flashstar41895 full of stuff and mostly animations. Im also on Clubcreate called Flashstar95 like on msicshake.

These are 2 other places i'm at.

My Current Albums ive created are:

-Bells of Christmas Madness! #1 (Christmas Album 2011)
-Forgotten Suns. #3
-Hyper Space! #4
-Sapphires of Love. #5 (Valentine Album 2012)
-Cravings of Rock! #6
-The Cruise #8
-The Voyager #9

Fusion is my Techno/Rock album based on discos and wild parties. FUSION is themed on lightning because is goes with the type of genre ive created in this album.

Forgotten Suns is my soul album which, whenever i'm stressed out, this album always calms me down. This is my most calmest album I have created so far.

Bells of Christmas Madness is my first album that I created in 2011 for the Christmas holiday, most of this album is in the charts surprisingly but I have made better ones.

Hyperspace is my animation/movie album, this is based on the galaxy and a variety of different combinations of either synthase or just what I call; Different Space.

Sapphires of love is my valentine album and also at the moment my most passionate album ive created so far, to me their more the type of calming music but with a more lighter extension.

Cravings of Rock is my rock album and hopefully remixes of my songs from my other account Magic1995 and as well as songs made from scratch!

NIGHTLIFE is my Disco album with a few various mixes and some made sound effects, This album reminds me of some of my discos of pure RAVE! And this hopefully shows of the real RAVE! 

The Cruise is my soundtracks of the shore! The feeling and passion of the open sea! This is my adventure and holiday album with plenty of relaxing tunes to go with the flow!

The Voyager is my New-age album which is ideal to sit and relax too. I created this for my return and a fresh start to Musicshake , I hope you will all enjoy!

My most popular songs:










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