Space outlaw created by nameddog 2 years ago

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Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Light/Bright Theme: Remix
[Rhythm Arpeggiator] Profound Filtered Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Prim Soft Synth
[Rhythm Arpeggiator] Profound Muted Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Lonely Dark Synth
[Normal Long Tone] Moog Bass 1
[Normal Long Tone] Soft Moog Bass 2
[Moving] Strange Synth
[Moving] Tense Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Dynamic Low Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Hollow Synth
[Rhythm] Exciting Low Synth
[Rhythm Arpeggiator] Dynamic Hard Attack Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Dreary Warm Filtered Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Tact Gtr Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Witty Hard Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Relaxing Dark Synth
[Arpeggio] Lucid String E.P
[Arpeggiator] Modern Delayed Moog Synth
[Normal Long Tone] Jazz Contra Bass 3
[Rhythm Arpeggiator] Simple Synth
[Rhythm Arpeggiator] Tense Synth
[Rhythm] Liberal Filtered Synth
[Rhythm] Fascinated Old String Synth Pad
[Rhythm] Funny Delayed Synth
[Effect] Kung-fu
[Up Tempo] Space Outlaw
[Bounce] Dream A Dream
[Arpeggiator] Horror Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Ambiguous Square Synth
[Rhythm] Marvelous Pad Synth
[Rhythm] Serious Bright E.P

I love it so much "L ((•)) $ T | Π 5¶ @ © € ((trippy mixxx))" by DavidK that I could not stop myself from remixing. I think one of the most beautiful songs I've heard so far on MS.
Please turn up the volume.
and to hear both sides, especially that of DavidK

Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Light/Bright Theme: Remix
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