Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, Classical/New Age

Favorite artists

RUSH, Pink Floyd, Aero Smith, Lynard Skynard, Queen, Kansas and many, many more; these are just my top favorites.

About me

Be sure to always use headphones while listening.You just may miss a couple of notes or instruments because of it.

Hey, my name's Josh. But anyone is welcome to call me Haisieo if they choose to. I usually make songs in my spare time, and on some occasions, the songs I produce reflect how I feel at the time.
But anyway, I hope all of you that take the time to listen to my songs enjoy them, because I certainly enjoy making them. And another big thing that I prefer to do when I make my music is, strangely enough, a short story or scenario that I can play in my mind while I produce the music. Or even creating a song to go along-side an existing short tale. It's something I do that tends to make producing music easier.

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