Favorite genre

Hiphop, Rock/Metal, R&B, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Ballad, Classical/New Age, Soul/Funk/Groove

Favorite artists

(Selena Gomez)(Flo Rida)(Three Days Grace)(FortMinor)(Red) (Linkin Park)(Avril Lavigne)(Evanescence)(Within Temptation)(Eminem)(Paramore)(Seether)(Celtic Woman)(Rasmus)(Rise Against)(30 Seconds to mars)(Musicshakers!) many!!!

About me

Hi, my Native American name is DancingWolf A.K.A ~♣Ace♣!
---------Incase people get this wrong... I AM A GIRL!!!!----- NOT A GUY!(got-it?, get-it?, GOOD!)
---------i am 19 yrs and i own 7 horses,3 dogs,2 ducks,and 3 cats. my cat chases dogs(literaly,no joke. like "chase them out of the yard" dog chase) and my duck (Boomer) likes to watch TV when i bring him inside for an hour to be in his duck-crib. yes, an actual duck-crib.
--------I hate people who judge others and if my friends get bullied i show the bullie a new view of the death wish syndrome:)
---also, i recently moved into the worry of flooding i suppose.
.its ******cold though~(-_-") can't be helped.
.......Fav animals: wolves, dragons, horses and snow leopards.
.......Hobbies: archery, reading, drawing, horseback riding, singing(alone), dancing(alone), walking Shadow(dog), music, anime, a challenge,ciphers, and VIDEO GAMING!!!---
dedicated reader of fantasy, like mythology, and scary online gamer(enemies BEWARE!!)
.......Fav colors: blue, brown, black, white, teal blue.sometimes orange and red.
------Hated color:GREEN!!!!!!!!BUT IT LOOKS GOOD ON ME, WHICH IS SAD!!!!
.......Favorite anime of all time: Wolf's Rain
.......Fav animes: D.Grey-man/ Kamisama Kiss/ DN Angel/ Bleach/ NyanKoi /Fairy-Tail/ Tales of Earthsea/ Princes mononoke/ Howls moving castle/ Castle in the sky/ sword art online/ Nura:Rise of the Yokai clan/ Kaze no Stigma/ Maid sama/ Lord Marksman and Vanadis/ Kiba/Log Horizon/ Sands of Destruction/ and more..... (lots of "false" animes that give anime a bad name though, careful of those ones)
.......Favorite comic: Off-White(online)
.......Fav Video games: (Lost in Shadow)(Dragon Age)(Skyrim)(Assassin's Creed(all))
(Final Fantasy(all))(Halo:reach)(Resident Evil)(Samurai Warriors 2)(Lord of the Rings:Arragorn's Quest)(Bayonetta)....;
.......Fav Books: (13 to life)(Fire Bringer)(Shiver)(Linger)(Forever)(Brightly Woven)(Fell)(The Sight)(Dragon Song)(The Other Day)(13 Reasons Why)(The Lovely Bones)(Lucky)(Blood Trinity)(Graceling)(Watership Down)(Fallen)(Red Road)(Ranger's Apprintice Series)...
--Comment signature: ~♣Ace♣
╔══╗ MEMBER:~Acewolf95..A.K.A.~(♣Ace♣)
║██║ YEAR JOINED:~2012
║(O)║♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
wow i haven't been on in a while. can't say i like the picture selection we have ta use now. bleh, i understand the need to protect copyrights and all but seriously who chose those pics for us to use (-_-") i think that they should make a system where if we can prove an image is ours originally than we get permission to use and upload it, that sounds more fair to me. but i can't really talk since i don't come on much anymore i guess. just leaving a suggestion anyone feel the same way feel free to ask musicshake creator people about it, maybe they will consider it i don't really know.

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