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Rock/Metal, Electronic/Techno, Ballad, Classical/New Age

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IMPORTANT: Read this before posting any songs.

-I'll check your songs if I'm not busy (:
-If you post any link in any of my songs, I'll bann you ._.
-Please, write the song name :3 So I can "prepare" myself...I mean, if its a sad song, I can pick up some "Kleenex" :'3

If you want to hear just many of my songs...I'll recommend you these:

Reach The Moon (It sooo beautiful!)
Dancing Marionettes
The Haunted Mansion
Welcome to Dream Land


Look what I made in 30 minutes here in the computer: http://sketchtoy.com/34297898
I know it's horrible [?]
Ehem, ehem, right now, I should be studying but that's too boring...

Joined in October 29 of 2012.

My first language is Spanish but I'm the best student in my class speaking English so...that's why you can understand me (? xD

I'm one very clumsy [?] When I make a song, first, it sounds like a masterpiece and then my "clumsy magic" appears and destroys the hole song xD


I actually don't have any "Musicshake idols".
Sometimes when I check other profiles and see they have a list of "special Musicshakers" it kinda bothers me...it makes me feel like I completely suck...

So..that's it. Thanks for visiting my profile c:

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