Favorite artists

9th wonder,crush 40,SEGA

About me

well im a big sonic fan, i love smoothies and weegee is my brother so u better not mess with him, and im 12. Gonna turn 13 on July 14
fave list:

Fave sonic anniversay game: Sonic Adventure 2

Fave game:Sonic Unleashed

Fave color:Blue

Fave console:Ps3

Fave emulator:Dolphin

Fave motto:I see your problem your stupid

Fave company:SEGA

Fave power: speed

Fave website: Musicshake

Fave fan game: SSBC

Fave VGM: icecap zone/lava reef zone

Fave Singer: Michael Jackson

Fave Sonic Char: Sonic (duh)

Fave comp operation system: Windows XP

hated list:

Hated console:xbox360

Hated actor: junie from spy kids

Hated game: sonic the hedgehog (2006)

Hated song: all the songs made by the people of the world

Hated num: -100

Hated sonic char: Big The Cat

Hated website: Facebook

Hated power: vibration

Hated singer: Justin Beiber

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