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Genre: Ballad Mood: Dark/Heavy Theme: Movie
[Chord Harmony] Silky Warm Pad
[Chord Harmony] Lazy Warm Pad
[Sustained] Warm Voice Synth Pad
[Chord Harmony] Cozy Old Pad
[Rhythm] Warm Delayed Synth
[Chord Harmony] Warm Voice Synth Pad
[2x Fast] Fighting Trim
[Effect] Stress
[Rhythm] Tense Orchestra Timpani
[Counter Melody] Graceful String
[Harmony Counter Melody] Outstanding Warm Pad String
[Attack Rhythm] Moderate Spiccato String
[Attack Rhythm] Urgent Spiccato String
[Attack Rhythm] Tough Spiccato String
[Sustained] Gloomy Electric Guitar
[Melody] Pitiful Piano
[Chord Voicing] Dreary Piano
[Back Rhythm] Strong Electric Guitar
[Real] Blue Sky
[Chord Voicing] Lyrical Newage Piano 2
[Chord Voicing] Lyrical Newage Piano 1
[Chord Voicing] Weak Modern Bell E.P
[Chord Voicing] Cheerful Hard E.P
[Arpeggio] Relaxing Grand Piano
[Chord Voicing] Romantic Acoustic Guitar 2
[Fast Arpeggio] Serious Acoustic Guitar
[Arpeggio] Uneasy Dist Guitar
[Simple Long Tone] Attack Moog Bass 2
[Rhythm Theme] Rough Filtered Synth

Well this is it. As Shakespeare once said, "Striving to better, oft we mar what’s well." I got lost trying to make this perfect, and I got wrapped up in life along with it. However, in my opinion, this composition is still relatively good.
Named after my novel, the song highlights some key points and emotions of the novel. Bringing to life the quiet moments as well as the intense ones, the piece sways like a ship back and forth between battle, peace, mystery, and chaos. Please enjoy my latest Epic.
And to know more about the book, please visit:

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