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Hello Musicshakers!!!

Well, I said that I didn't had inspiration...I owe one to Harjot >3<

I keeped this song in "My songs" because I was fixing it because it sounded terrible(Actually, in some parts, it SOUNDS terrible).

Ahum, let me explain the meaning of the song :D

This is Dream Land, the place where all the dreams of people are (?) (I'm just inventing don't kill me D:)

There are three type of dreams: Normal dreams (?) Lucid dreams (My favorite ones!) And nightmares...

I think everybody knows what are normal dreams and nightmares xD So I don't think I'll have to explain that.

Lucid Dreams: They're dreams that you can control. You can fly, breathe underwater, be an Anime character (OMG I LOVE BEING AN ANIME CHARACTER) and you can do everything you want to do xD

In the last part, there's an organ. The organ represents the nightmares...

Oh! Iremember when I had this nightmare, I was a little boy (an Anime little boy xD) and I had two servants *O* They both tried to kill me :C

They gave me some candies (Yum) But those candies had venom...I ate a candy but I didn't died xD

However, I hope you enjoy this song as much as I did. Please, listen to all the song :3

Oh! Specially to 2:50 that's my favorite part *3*

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