Reach The Moon created by Feelingz 11 years ago

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I made a story about this song...I hope you think is cute n.n

There was a girl...she dreamed to touch the moon and see the stars with someone.

When she told someone about her dream, they said things like: You're crazy. That's impossible!

She started believeing what people said, because she was sick...SUPER sick, I should say.

One day, a boy entered to her room and said: "I'll help you reach the moon."

She was so happy...
The boy said: Now, close your eyes and rest.

She did what the boy said.
When she closed her eyes, she saw herself floating in the moon, the boy was smiling and grabbing her hand.

The moon...the stars, everything she wanted to see was there.

She was so happy, that she opened her eyes...

When she opened her eyes, no one was there.

Then she tought: Was that an illusion?

...maybe the story is too sad and not so cute...but I liked, anyway ^^

I hope you enjoy this song. ^^

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