Favorite genre

Classical/New Age

Favorite artists

Yurima, kotaro oshio, led zeppelin, michael jackson, secret garden, celtic woman, immediate music, audiomachine, sungha jung, linkin park, Joe Hisaishi, Adrian von Ziegler, Brunuh Ville, Bantha, Hopeflow... and all my fans

About me

Uhm... nothing much :3 I'm just a simple person who loves music :3 especially classical and new age music :3
I love guitar, piano and violin :3 but the only instrument that I know how to play is guitar :p
My most favourite genre of music: Gothic music and Celtic music!
I love manga and anime :D (crazy about them I should say) :p My fav manga is Kenichi :D
I love cute things, games, making music through MS :D, playing the guitar...
_I'm Asian (Vietnamese) :D
_Join date: 07/20/2012
If you have time please check out these two :D Hopeflow and Bantha :D Trust me you won't regret :D They are awesomely good (^o^)d
And remember to check out my songs as well :D I'm sure you'll love them :D
_Dedication from other shakers:
Dedication from Bantha: Touched By An Angel:
Dedication from Hopeflow!: Melody of a Little Fairy:
Dedication from IDragon76: Thời Thơ Ấu ( Childhood )
Dedication from DiHeartRockr :Sound Of War (Battlefield 3):
Dedication from Thekoolgirl: Whispering Bells:
Dedication from MaromantyCla: Fairys in The Forest:

My all time favorite song: Wonder Land by Leppylove.

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