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Hey there fellow MusicShakers and welcome to another one of my crazy-named songs!!! I have been requested a few times to make another one so here it is!!! REMEMBER: These songs are completely made-up words! They have no meaning to them in any language whatsoever! They are based on the title i give them, but if you need anymore information, then please visit my "IMPORTANT INFO" section of my profile and it will tell you everything!! Now, the beginning starts off with some solo lead instruments and i haven't used solo lead instruments since my first few songs, like two years ago, so i hope you like it!! This song was created to sound a little more like RENAISSANCE music combined with modern ROCK and TECHNO!! Anyway, I really hope that you will enjoy this insane and crazy mix of instrument!! PLEASE ENJOY THE MUSIC AND ROCK ON!!! /m/--_-- /m/

P.S.-If you guys wanna here more of my crazy-random-cool-sounding-named songs then PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! I LOVE doing this stuff for you guys so i will be more than happy to make them for you!!

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