Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, Electronic/Techno, Pop

Favorite artists

katy perry at first, but i like a lot of artist kelly clarkson, ariana grande, macklemore, kesha, lady gaga, etc

About me

my name is isaak diaz i am 13 years old right now i really love music i would say that the thing i most spend most time in is listening music.

my dream is that a lot of people listen and enjoy my music, so if you liked more than 1 song please suscribe, well i guess i had good luck on the list my song adore you life in less than one week had 100 plays equals whit unconditionally we will enjoy i am working on my first disc

1st disc "adore , cute and unconditionally"

whit the songs

-cute and un loud
-adore you life
-unconditionally we will enjoy
-hurted women
-timber as freaky
-soft by bipolar :):
-beautiful experience, life

well thats for now i wish never stop and i wish you enjoy what my channel and music offer for you

became a fan please

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