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Hello Ladies and Gentelmen and WELCOME to the preview of my first song in my new upcoming album "Blood of Angels"! In this album, there will be a huge variety of piano, strings, bells, orchestra and much more! Here is only a taste of what is to be excepted from this album. Thank you all so much fro sticking with me and i hope that you will listen, fav, rate and most of all enjoy this short heavenly piece from the beginning of my first song, Hands of Sinners! Thank you!!^^

(PS-In all my song, i will take about what the songs mean on a religious aspect. Since i am Roman Catholic/Catholic (to be honest i have no idea anymore, they are both the same to me and i don't really care), I will be talking about how these songs and the titles fit into my faith. I would like to see what faith you are and your side of the story. I have no judgments on what faith you are and how you interpret these songs (and/or other faiths), i will answer your comments with respect and honesty. I am open to all and interested to learn about all faiths and beliefs, so please do not hesitate to tell me. Again, i will not judge or discriminate because i don't have a need to. This is mainly just to get to know a little more about you guys. I also DO NOT (I repeat), DO NOT!!.....want hate between comments because that in itself is just f***ing stupid. We are all family here and i want to see this community grow and in order to do that, we must share and be open about who we are. Thank you all!!)

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