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R&B, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Latin, Classical/New Age

About me

hi everyone :) i started musicshake oct 21,2012, still gettin' the hang of it and makin' cool songs for everyone to enjoy. i love anime, playin' basketball, playin video games and drawin', i mainly love to draw wolves cuz their so awesome :). im very cool and lay back and shy sometimes and seriously not a drama person. I want to become an anime artist when i grow up and make my own show and book :). i hope you guys enjoy and like my music

-------MAGIX Music Maker Songs-------

1. Stand Off (Test)
2. It Begins
3. Spirits of The Heaven's Forest
4. Divine Melody
5. Melody of Death
6. Uprising Darkness
7. Lose Your Fuckin' Mind
8. Lost and Alone
9. Time Descends Upon Us
10. Angels of Death (Seraph of the End Tribute)
11. The Awakening
12. A Queen Sacrifice
13. War of Gods
14. Prayers End
15. Tales of The Gods
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_______________/__l /_l
_____/____---- ______l
____/__/_______ ___I
_l _____ _______)__ ___)

Varutri SA Goddess

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