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Hello Everyone!
First, before I start off, i would like to bring your attention to a few things. First being that I will rarely be making music for the reason that Winter sports are almost over and i have a lot of catching up on homework that seems to present itself as we near closer to the end of the school year. Second thing is that I will be doing COLLABORATIONS with anyone that would like to, so just send me a message and we will start right away. Also, I will be starting my new album as soon I have more free time on my hands. Lastly and most importantly, I would like to share my thoughts on the communities reaction to MS's changes. I completely understand that these new changes that MS made are not the best and in some way or another, take away from the excitement and fun of using this site. I realize that there have been a great number of people who have left because of this issue and I simply do not understand why. I'm sure some of you are asking the same question, but I come to think that its selfish of those who have left this site for such a trifle matter. As a world, and advanced society, we don't take well to change and when that change happens, it disrupts our routine that we have become accustomed to since the last change.This is a natural human thing, but as time progresses, we become use to the differences that reshape the foundation, and this goes for everything that is around us whether you accept it or not. What i'm trying to say is, don't let your surroundings throw you in the wrong direction. You came to this site to enjoy making music for whatever reason it was for and the fact that people are leaving because of some stupid changes that have no affect to your personal life or how you make music just amazes me. You came into this community to enjoy yourself and meet people, not to bitch about "why they did this" and "why they did that". I hope i made my point clear to anyone who is thinking about leaving or is angry with the site. I love MusicShake and I don't want to see it go wrong because people disagreed with some of its aspects; good or bad. I think i have said enough on that subject...Now to what really matters!!^^

Hello my brothers......sisters...and friends from all around!! I hope we are all doing well! I pretty much said most of what i wanted in my last song but to reiterate, I honestly cannot believe how much this community has grown!! I remember back, almost 4 years ago, i was just starting on this site and not having any idea as to what i wanted to do or how far i will make it on this journey of mine. I would of never imagined that i would ever get this far as I am now and it's all thanks to all of you guys-My Fans!! You have helped me to reach a goal that at the beginning, seemed impossible for me to accomplish. It's really amazing how much a few people can turn into a community and eventually, one large family of supporters that become more than just friends! I'm so very grateful to every one of you for not only listening to my songs but commenting on them, favoring them and showing that you really care about all that I put into my music! You are the best community of people I know, and I don't think there are enough words in the dictionary, or world for that matter, that could describe the amount of thanks and appreciation i could give all of you!! I love all of you and thank you so very much!! This song is for all of you guys...my fans (at an astounding 125 of you).....I wish I could give something much more but I sadly cannot....but i hope that you listen, like, fav, comment and enjoy this little piece i made for you!!! Thank you all once again!^^

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