Paradise created by HEBS 9 years ago

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Genre: Classical/New Age Mood: Running/Wild Theme: Animation

4 months in the making all boil down to this final finished product. I am very happy to announce this song as my greatest. I really do hope that you guys still feel the same way!!!!

I have actually been waiting to post this song for a special occasion, which has occurred. Guys I have reached 100 fans!!!!! :D I could have never done it without your support!!!!!! All of your positive comments and constructive criticism have helped me to become the music-maker I am today. Thanks to each an every one of you!!!! This song is dedicated to all of you!!!!

I am sorry that I have not been as active on musicshake, school (specifically US History Honors :P) Appears to be taking over my free time. I will get to your songs, It will just take some time!!!! Also, I am trying to put down some weekly updates under my profile, so if you have time be sure to check it out!!!

Now some background information on the song. When I first created this song, I thought of a long journey filled with happiness and adventure. The song, with a few tweaks and a few more tracks suddenly became amazing!!!!!

Please enjoy!!!!!!! :D

(If someone created an electronic remix for this, I would be extremely impressed)

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