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Electronic/Techno, Ballad, Classical/New Age

About me

Hi, there... Just in case you guys are wondering, my real name is not Cherry, but of course you can call me that. My hobby is to surf the web for new anime that i haven't watch or discover yet. (I Just absolutely love anime.) And I hope you guys enjoy the songs I made. Thank You :)

Hey Musicshakers:) I'm really sorry to tell you guys that I'm going to be out for a while cause of finals and other things coming up~ But please do "advertise" (not sure if it's the right word) your songs on my profile. I will check them out when i come back, sometimes around June, when summer break starts... Thank you!!! - Cherry 4/23/14
OMG I went hiatus for so long >.< can somebody please tell me what happened here? pictures..they're all gone ;w; - 9/22/15

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