Nebula's Ambience created by LadyMinerva 12 years ago

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Genre: R&B Mood: Warm/Comforting Theme: Other

Ever wonder what is like to be in a universal world of galaxies, planets and stars?
A world/area of gas and dust (what stars are made of), also known as the Nebula is full of mysteries, what is there significance? why is it important to know they exist? and what do they have that we might see? For now, these questions will remain unanswered as Nebula will continue to move around the universe showing us it's colours and it's ambience. When you listen to this song, Think about our Nebula in the sky...

This song is a special dedication to TheKoolgirl, a great musicshaker with one of her songs: Underwater Mystery; which inspired me to create something like this. I hope you enjoy this as well as everyone! ^_^

Here is a little question for you:
At the second block or after 8 measures you hear the synthesizer.
Listen to its music phrase, then after another 8 measures, you hear it playing its phrase again but this time it seems to change, do you know why? leave a comment below! Hint: It has to do with the entry of the synthesizer. Trust me, it's very tricky to hear its difference. Try your best!! :D Careful though, You may have to play this song a couple of times because the change may happen right away the synth plays or not at all...

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