The Wolf's Moon (Mix) created by OhhKayy 11 years ago

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"As I venture into the forest where darkness overcomes my fears. I am alone. The wolf in a world of sheep, who graze and are easily frightened to leave the vicinity of their homes. I become cold, I become depressed. But one thing keeps me going... the moon's light. It's magnetic trance is mystifying. Without it, I have no way of seeing my path. My destiny. So I run. I run as fast as I can into the wonders the moon wants me to discover.

As I stand on a cliff, I look where the light hits, the sparkles. Oh, how dazzling my eyes felt. How warm my heart felt. The moon is my friend, my savior. I go on... howling my troubles away"--Kayy :)

I've been wanting to make a song like this, dedicated to wolves and the moon for a long time. So, i'm pretty darn proud of this song< 3

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Apr 02 2012
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