The Pain Taker created by OhhKayy 12 years ago

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Genre: Classical/New Age Mood: Dark/Heavy Theme: Animation

"I am one among a few who have a special duty. We carry the pain, the grief, the saddness that our other selves cannot deal with. We are seperated from them in another world that is dark, rocky, and we inhabit our own areas. My other self, she sees me in her dreams. She tries to mask her own pain, only because she doesn't want to show her dismays to the world. She worries about those she love the most, her friends. She would do anything to help them. So i fight, i fight to keep her from suffering. I fight to free those who are suffering around her. I carry all her pain on my shoulders and i don't mind it. We have no feelings, no heart. We only act on their choices. On their actions. One by one, i set them free, but once she--me has that breakdown. She's stuck in my world, inside of me. She tries to stop me because she knows it isn't fair for someone to carry her pain. We meet face to face, a mere mirror mirage. She doesn't recognize me but i am her, her other self. Once i'm gone, she'll be free. But no, i'll keep fighting on to keep her from suffering, it's my duty."

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Aug 20 2012
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