Seductress created by OhhKayy 11 years ago

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Genre: Latin Mood: Etc Theme: Other

"Look at the way she moves. Her body swaying side to side. Her hips replicating shape that of a circle. Her arms are like soft silk ribbons that melodically move by the air's direction. Her arms, the ribbons, they swish but in a gentle manner. Her legs, tall and skinny. You can see when she positions them, the muscles shown tightened. Her waist twists with every different beat of the music. Her head faces the direction of who she wants to gaze upon--just for those few seconds, then to the floor, then to someone new. She spins delicately. No stumbling, no tripping. She's like a dark swan of the floor. Those eyes, that's the only difference setting her aside from being this magnificent delight. Her eyes are dim. They have lost that shine, that sparkle. But her heart keeps dancing. The dim eyes that go along with her chocolately mousse hair. It makes you want to engage her, but you back away when her gaze is on you. Why? Because she kills you for those seconds. You want to look away but her beauty is mesmorizing. She's dead inside, but her heart keeps dancing"

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