Ageless created by OhhKayy 12 years ago

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"I haven't seen you in so long, my love. We've grown apart quicker than I ever thought. Our good memories remain fresh in my mind, it's priceless. It's ageless... But, not us. Each day, I grew. Each day, my love remained endless, and I grew. I'd watch the sun rise, and wait till it set. On my breaks, I would sit quietly on a bench, isolated from the world. I would check my phone just to see if you have sent me anything. If you didn't, my mind would wander all about you. Oh, how i missed you frequently. I would draw us pictures of things that reminded me about you. I would smile when I was finished, because I knew you'd love them... I knew you would. Then the days turn to a week. I continued growing, my heart continued loving. We barely spoke last night, I felt you were getting tired of me. You told me you loved me the next day, my heart felt warm. Our love is ageless. Then it was two weeks. I grew, I still loved. If you saw me now, you wouldn't see a difference. Then I saw you, you looked.. worn out.. as if you'd been waiting, I asked waiting for what? You replied, Waiting for you my young beauty."

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